Back from the Hack

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Back as Gavin Carter Blog

As you can see, AskGavino has been rebranded as the Gavin Carter Blog.  In part this was prompted by some hacking which first messed up some links and then completely affected access to the old site.

Of course, we could inject some intrigue here by alleging that the White House took exception to our hard-hitting columns.  Having laid bare President Obama’s hopeless economic policies, who else would have such a strong motive, and capability, to knock us out?  But the fact is that unless the White House is now dealing in Russian, the hacking of AskGavino came from a different source altogether.

This interference is now behind us and the new site ensures that a similar interruption is unlikely to occur again.  Gavin Carter Blog is built on a new platform with enhanced security.

We have also created a simpler look, making it easier to navigate the new Gavin Carter Blog.  And it is easier to read on those ubiquitous handheld devices.

Building a new site gave us an opportunity to take the next logical step in developing the blog.  Some of you wanted to know why the “Ask” was there, or commented that the name wasn’t consistent with the insightfulness of the articles.  Another concern was that AskGavino unnecessarily concealed the identity of the writer, perhaps creating sinister suspicions and negative perceptions.  These observations have been carefully considered – you could say that you asked Gavino and we listened.  The result is the newly designed Gavin Carter Blog.

The aim remains to publish thoughtful and thought-provoking articles on the political issues of the day – with angles that you don’t normally see in the editorial columns of traditional newspapers or on populist current affairs television shows.

We have kept the popular “Best Listened to…” feature and hope that this continues to give you as much pleasure, as it does us – whether or not you agree with the thrust of the particular article.

So the Gavin Carter Blog has been born. For now, the domain will still take you to Gavin Carter Blog but please save the new domain in your favorites and take a moment to re-subscribe because it will eventually disappear…

And please continue to read Gavin Carter Blog and comment at your leisure!  Tell your friends about us.  Like us.  After all, this is the most thoughtful conservative opinion site out there!

Smoke, Mirrors and Spending

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Are we nearing the end of the entitlement road?

Out of control government spending is no longer purely a fiscal burden.  Now, the unrestrained growth of sovereign debt is proving to be a burden on the English language.  Terms that have been universally understood by economists for decades have been prostituted by leftist politicians and commentators in an attempt to confuse – and comfort – the general public.  The Sophists would surely have approved of their spin. First, thanks to Britain’s…


GOP Primary: Then There Were Two

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Forget the supposed failure of Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum to “close the deal” by knocking the other out on Super Tuesday.  This isn’t robot boxing.  It was never going to happen.  The real news is that the GOP primary contest is finally on the verge of becoming a two-horse race after so many false dawns.  Despite winning his home state comfortably, Newt Gingrich labored in all the other contests.  …