Romney’s Coup

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So Mitt Romney intends to govern, not just to win an election.  Why else would he pick Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate?  Sure, Ryan is an accomplished campaigner who has held a Democrat-leaning district for fourteen years.  But Romney has also selected the one American more likely than any other to reform the nation’s increasingly insolvent welfare system.  And it is this characteristic that surely most appealed to the GOP presidential nominee.  Think CEO and COO. 

Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer?

Since entering Congress in 1999 Ryan has immersed himself in the U.S. economy.  He wants growth and prosperity with an effective safety net for those most in need.  He prepared a welfare reform plan that would save Medicare from its unsustainable trajectory.  And, unlike Senate Leader Harry Reid and President Obama, the House Budget Committee Chairman has produced and passed a budget that would include these reforms, tackle the deficit, control spending and encourage growth. 

Ryan knows the federal budget inside out.  He has debated the need for meaningful reform and the welfare policies of his opponents so many times that he is regarded by both sides as the Congressional expert on the issue.  No bluster is detectable.  He can quote the figures, explain the shortcomings of the current system and detail what is needed without resorting to political talking points.  This makes him hard for the Democrat-supporting media to unravel. 

Ryan also has the political grounding to get things done.  His approach is to build alliances, most recently with Oregonian Democrat Senator Ron Wyden.  If anyone can craft a reform that can get through the House and Senate, it is Ryan. 

So if Romney wins in November, we can be sure that he will place his Chief Operating Officer in charge of passing vital welfare reform legislation.  And unlike the Gitmo showmanship that characterized President Obama’s first hours in office, the selection of Ryan at this stage indicates that Romney really means business. 

Compare all this to Obama’s selection of Joe Biden in 2008.  Obama needed cover on foreign policy, where he had no experience, and he needed someone who had been in Democratic politics for a long time to reassure the party faithful after he usurped Hillary. 

Biden’s selection was a political calculation, not that there is any disgrace in that.  Kennedy chose Johnson, who he was known to dislike intensely, so that he could win Texas.  But it is nonetheless refreshing that Romney looked beyond the election and made a choice that prepares for governance.  He could have gone with Senator Rob Portman of Ohio or Senator Marco Rubio of Florida to tie up a battleground state.  But he didn’t. 

While Democrats feel they can portray Ryan as a heartless extremist pushing grandma over the cliff (as they have already done in one moronic video), the truth is that Ryan is a thoughtful political reformer more in the mold of a Roosevelt or Reagan.  He is in Washington to get things done and, win or lose in November, he will have the staying power to continue to push his agenda on lawmakers. 

For this, Republicans have reason to coo.

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  1. The Patriot says:

    I did not initially support Governor Romney but as the date moves closer to November 6th and the more I like the man and his wife. Paul Ryan is a bonus and speaks as to how the Governor will make decisons. To me it seems like he has what it takes to be our next president.

    Welcome back Gavino!!!

  2. JoeB90 says:

    Welcome back – it’s been too long!

  3. Republi-chick says:

    While I normally have a lot to say…this is not one of those times. I agree with the article and find it very informative. I feel Ryan solidified my vote for Romney. He is a true conservative and I feel speaks to the American people. While says “Ryan is bad news for women” (read it if you need a good laugh) and my favorite NBC’s Andrea Mitchell said “this is not a pick for suburban moms. This is not a pick for women.“ (I have never laughed so hard thanks Andrea.) The fact is as stated “as women get more information about Ryan’s positions, they are likely to find him even more appealing.” As a suburban wife and mother I not only find the Romney/Ryan ticket appealing I can’t wait until the debates. That should be some real entertainment. Well I guess I had a lot to say after all.

  4. Gavin Carter says:

    As one talk radio host said, “Andrea Mitchell, Democrat NBC” – and that seems about right. Suburban moms liked Sarah Palin but I don’t remember the liberal media lauding McCain’s choice on that score. Does Biden really appeal to suburban moms? Perhaps to some with a good sense of humor! The anti-women line is just more hate politics from the left. Obama can’t run on his record. The smears will continue!

  5. Carlman says:

    Ryan seems pretty cool, a good pick. Romney has a lot right and just a few things I really don’t. Nobody’s going to be ‘perfect’ since there really is no such thing as ‘perfect’.

    However, Obama has everything I don’t like and has done nothing (effective) to improve the US. What was that Nobel peace prize for again? He was our savior, our vision of hope. His followers still believe we’ve started down the right path and that it will take time for them to be fully realized. And while I think that is somewhat true, it is at the (future) cost of the freedom we have left.

    I’m truly disappointed that the 1 thing Obama had going for him fell flat.. He had the opportunity to unify the country, to get people to believe in something better… But it was all a lie. He did what he wanted and got his kickbacks at taxpayer expense like any typical dirty politician.

    All that said, it really doesn’t matter who we elect in my opinion. The banks and the debt cycle are what truly govern our country. That can’t be fixed without a lot of change/pain. No politician is going to take the candy from the spoiled children that is us, the majority of the USA.

    I think the elections are a bit of a ruse to keep us focused on dems vs. reps and allow the political party (all politicians) doing what they want.