Borrowed Time

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“Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” (Hamlet). 

As in Europe, in America too. 

Greeks are rioting to maintain their entitlements, German and French leaders fret about their over-exposed banks and European bailouts come and go.  

Meanwhile, the United States is stuck in a debate over whether to raise its debt ceiling, the threat of default is wielded by the White House of all places and the economy stagnates. 

Walking away from America's economic problems...?

Where is the global leadership?

Two and a half years into his Administration, it has become obvious that Barack Obama’s economic policies have been ruinous and have nowhere to go.  His Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke admitted recently that he had no idea why the economy was doing so poorly.  The prospects for prosperity look as dim as at any time in the last fifty years. 

In America, “regulate, spend and tax” policies have delivered high and sustained unemployment, tepid economic growth, a mountain of debt and massive future liabilities.  Europeans face a similar set of circumstances, with a debt default looking unavoidable in Greece and possible in other countries.   

These problems are not being solved.  In Europe, leaders are kicking the Greek debt problem down the road.  In the U.S., President Obama recently decreed that the problem with the economy was tax breaks for corporate jets and decades old depreciation rules for oil exploration.  Simply extraordinary. 

President Obama’s latest move was to claim that seniors would not be receiving their social security checks if the debt ceiling was not raised.  This is completely false.  Americans must wonder if they have a leader or a community agitator in the White House. 

The U.S. debt ceiling will most likely be raised in the coming days but liberals everywhere should be on notice that endless spending brings economic consequences. 

Shakespeare’s advice in Hamlet looks as solid as ever.  America’s borrowing addiction has to stop now.

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  1. The Patriot says:

    This presidential Anti-Christ knows one method of governing which is the politics of of fear. Where are his policies for the economy, where are his national security concerns, where are his concerns for a nation under God?

  2. Carl M says:

    Let’s not forget the real problem, he interrupted “the Bachelorette” with his meaningless speech. More people (that voted for Obama) care about that show than what he’s doing with this economy. Let’s not forget the real cause of this problem, voters… voters with a serious spending and debt problem.

    The government spending is pretty much in line with the American spending mentality. It’s just that the government can raise its own credit limit whenever it wants… There are just a few pesky Republicans that get in the way of the fun sometimes.

    Yes, that’s how disconnected the public is from government for real. It’s too big of a problem to fix, but don’t worry.. when it all collapses, it’ll get fixed. I decided it’s easier to deal with the eventual collapse while staying hopeful that changes in government will happen. But the image of the American voter is a stinging slap in the face of reality for me.

  3. Republi-chick says:

    The debt ceiling will be raise and we will continue to turn the US dollar into funny money. Obama and his people love to use fear as a tool to scare the old, sick, poor and uneducated. He makes it seem like if we don’t follow the Church of Obama the world will come to an end. Obama could learn a lesson in finance from middle america. Stop spending outside of your means. Obama needs to stop turning the successful capitalist into a villian. They are the ones creating jobs. I know no person who earned over $250,000 working just 40 hours a week, taking vacations and lying around. Those people worked hard and earned that money….and if they earned a jet good for them. I know a certain president who used his private jet to take his wife to dinner in Chicago…and we paid for that. People in white houses should be careful where they throw rocks.

  4. The Patriot says:

    So what did happen on the Bachelorette did anyone hear?

  5. Gavino says:

    The disconnect between voters and the government is a huge problem especially when it comes to spending and entitlements. The liberal media plays a huge role in maintaining the delusion that high government spending is a good thing. Republi-chick is right that the White House is demonizing economic success, but Obama can only do this because the media applauds when it should be ridiculing. Then there is the education system, but I guess we”ll leave that to another day…!

  6. The Patriot says:

    The scary part is that I feel like I am a character in the George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. While many have not figured out that this president does not have their best interest at heart, only wished to consolidate his party’s hold on our government.

  7. Republi-chick says:

    It’s another day….where is that article on the education system…I would love to read what you have to say about that…I am sure it will be a long article.

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