Problems Grow With ObamaCare

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One of the characteristics of socialized medicine is that elected politicians shoulder the ultimate responsibility for providing the health care of citizens.  So it is not unusual for a British Prime Minister, for example, to be berated in the House of Commons by a Member of Parliament whose constituent has received poor or delayed treatment in a National Health Service facility.  In the same way, with the passage of the so-called Affordable Care Act in March, Washington, DC has taken responsibility for the health care of Americans.  And Americans are not slow at complaining when they receive service that is unsatisfactory. 

For whom the Liberty Bell tolls...

For whom the Liberty Bell tolls...

This political burden is already showing its head.  Let’s take your humble correspondent as an example.  My family’s health insurance premium has increased by 76 per cent over just two years.  Even without ObamaCare, these premiums would have continued increasing far more quickly than inflation but the new law has given a clear incentive for insurers to bump up their rates now to maximize revenues before the main provisions kick in.  Many other families are facing similar rate increases.

Moreover, ObamaCare failed to reform the government mandate system that distorts the health insurance market by placing extensive requirements on insured coverage and thereby produces artificially high premiums.  So for the next four years, the combination of these two effects – the race for revenue and the mandates – will quickly push premiums to unsustainable levels. 

This reality is blandly ignored by an out-of-touch White House, which lectures that ObamaCare, “makes insurance more affordable by providing the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history, reducing premium costs for tens of millions of families and small business owners who are priced out of coverage today.” (Emphasis in original). 

But it doesn’t stop there.  As premiums increase, more families will be forced to drop their insurance, placing greater demands on the pools of insured.  This, in turn, will force premiums higher still and the spiral will continue.  The president has put in place a system which will soon be out of control. 

Some are concluding that this is precisely what was intended.  Commentators like Rush Limbaugh and Dick Morris predicted this would happen.  After all, as middle-class families drop out of health insurance plans, they presumably will have no choice other than to embrace the socialized system.  The alternative will be to “self-insure” – but that would amount to breaking the new law. 

Politically, increases in health insurance premiums can be expected to lead to electoral consequences for Democrats in November, as ObamaCare is rightly blamed for making an imperfect system work substantially more imperfectly. 

This is particularly so given the lack of public enthusiasm for ObamaCare in the first place.  It was supported by less than 40 per cent of Americans when it became law and had to be forced through Congress in unseemly fashion after Republicans won an open Senate seat in Massachusetts.   

A Virginia judge recently ruled that a legal challenge on the constitutionality of parts of ObamaCare, brought by a group of states, can proceed.  This means that the new requirement for Americans to purchase health insurance ultimately will be adjudicated by the Supreme Court, most likely before the next presidential elections.  With premiums heading higher quickly as a result of government requirements in the health care market, a government mandate to buy health insurance is grotesque and totalitarian. 

Voters in Missouri agree.  A proposition in August to prohibit the requirement to purchase health insurance was backed by a whopping 71 per cent of voters. 

From enjoying the best health care in the world, Americans are faced with rapidly rising costs and broken promises.  Non-government workers, in particular, are not shielded from the consequence of the new law.  But the bottom line is that, politically, every failure of the new system, even those that may not be attributable to the legislation, can now be blamed directly on President Obama and Democrat Congressmen.  

Resistance to ObamaCare may seem peculiar outside America.  But as politicians defend patchy health care in Europe, they may spare a thought for the majority of Americans who support a political constitution that guarantees their liberties and who wish to avoid the oppression of socialized medicine.

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  1. Carl M says:

    I find it fascinating how low or non existent priorities from Obama’s campaign trail are now top priority in this legislation.. He’s the typical lying politician.

    I look forward to the impending doom of healthcare and this country’s freedoms. It is filled with children that have no idea what they have now, or the responsibility that comes with such great freedom. It will take a major punishment that has a global impact for anyone to start seeing the light.

    It’s only when we’re seriously hurt do we see a need for a cure, much like the current medical system.

  2. Gavino says:

    It’s true. Many people only start thinking about this sort of thing when it is too late. One of the reasons for this is the liberal media and another is the liberal educational system, as mentioned by A Patriot in a recent comment here. As you say, the country “is filled with children that have no idea what they have now, or the responsibility that comes with such great freedom.” And the vast majority of people are too busy earning their livelihoods to focus on what is happening in Washington, DC. Hopefully November’s elections will inject some realism into the legislative process.

  3. Carl M says:

    I’m not sure the children will grow in a matter of months, what’s taken decades to be dumbed down enough to believe mainstream media… (and not think for ourselves)

    It’d be nice if we didn’t have to hit rock bottom but I just think that’s what it’s going to take..

    But keep the faith, your hope in people is addictive, I hope things turn around sooner than later!

  4. JoeB says:

    President Obama and the Democrats have stopped touting ObamaCare as a key component of his debt reduction plan for the Federal government for all the reasons you cite. This is not only a budget busting bill but also a retrenchment of our medical care. My prediction is that, since it’s cheaper ,businesses will opt out of healthcare plans for their employees and just pay the fine and let the government provide coverage. This will cause insurance companies to go out of business and once that is done the government will then jack up the cost of the govenment provided heathcare since there won’t be any alternatives.

  5. Gavino says:

    Yes, it’s classic predatory behavior designed to take over the market. A private entity acting in this way would fall foul of anti-trust laws. But the government makes the laws so it can get away with it. Obama’s tax commission will report in December and will undoubtedly recommend the introduction of an indirect tax, a VAT, to help reduce the huge debt that he, Pelosi and Reid have created in just 18 months. If they succeed in establishing this, my guess is that this money will actually be used to fund socialized health care…

  6. Insightful post. In Switzerland we are witnessing the socialization of the health service by stealth. On the surface Switzerland’s health provision is private and paid for by premiums arranged with major insurers. But the state now subsidizes the health bills of approaching half the Swiss population. They get a part or full subsidy from the state to pay for their health cover (by state I mean x 26 cantons). The middle classes feel hard done by because the premiums keep rising and they keep paying in full. At some point, something significant will have to be done to correct the imbalance.

  7. Gavino says:

    Great comment Paul. And doubtless the socialization of health care in Switzerland is being done in the name of “fairness” and “compassion”. But, as you say, “At some point, something significant will have to be done to correct the imbalance.”

  8. A Patriot says:

    I have it!!  Maybe we should have a system where money no longer exists and we just strive to better ourselves through our own achievements for the betterment of mankind? Lets see where have I heard this before?…… Oh yes! Now I remember the on fictional show Star Trek a bunch of rubbish, as is Obama’s health reform bill. He is more like the Star Trek Borg; where he is attempting to assimilate the entire country to add us to his collective.  He strives for the perfection of mankind, yeah right!

  9. Otis says:

    Pastor’s cannot express their rights –even albeit if tasteless–because it will upset/ empower the Islamic extremists and put US soldiers at risk, — yet supposed non extremists burned our flag today and we tolerate it as freedom of speech and peaceful protest? We cannot move the mosque site in new york because it will also upset the Islamic extremists– according to the Imam. When do we stand and not base our actions on the potential reactions of extremists? If never, aren’t they then dictating our actions? On the running scoreboard the extremists are still in the lead…Has America ever before pandered to a religion?

  10. Gavino says:

    Otis, you raise some great points. From my experience many folks around the world do – albeit sometimes grudgingly – rely on the United States to act as the global voice and ultimate guarantor of freedom. If the U.S. is going to capitulate in such a soft way to enemies of freedom, in all places at the site of the biggest terrorist attack on U.S. soil ever, who will become the standard bearer? The resulting moral and power vacuum is an uncomfortable place for all freedom lovers to find themselves in.