World Cup Heads Towards Exciting Climax

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SIDESWIPE – AskGavino made some bold predictions about the FIFA World Cup.  How did things work out?  Ghana came within a whisker of being the first African side to ever reach the semi-finals but Gavino was right that no African team would reach the final.  Sunday’s finalists, Spain and the Netherlands, were both in Gavino’s “only seven countries can win in South Africa” category.  The others were Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Italy and England.  The latter was Gavino’s overall pick, but they flopped with a tactical horror show against Germany that saw them defeated 4-1.  So, overall, a reasonable set of predictions.  It was good to see host nation South Africa perform well despite not reaching the knock-out stage.  All the great publicity South Africa has received should help project this soccer-mad country to greater economic prosperity – we certainly hope so.  Good luck to the finalists on Sunday!

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  1. Maximvs says:


    I tip my hat to your prognostication skills. The sad thing unmentioned is that TV ratings in the USA will be below dismal. The US side underperformed but, as it turned out, to a very talented Ghana squad. With no “glossy football names” in the Final (including those you mentioned: England, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Brazil), the viewership Sunday will pale in comparison to NASCAR ratings as the US waits for our version of American football. That is a sad state of affairs. This was the year to grasp the “brass ring” in America and to see soccer catch on, but the WC is now going unnoticed.


  2. Boz says:

    No prediction for Sunday then?

  3. Gavino says:

    Great comment Maximvs. It will take much more imaginative marketing from Major League Soccer to boost interest in soccer in America. Fox Soccer Channel imported the Sky team from the UK to boost the quality of its coverage while ABC relied on the poor insights of Alexei Lalas. As for Sunday, Boz, I thought I had deftly avoided making a prediction. But since, you ask, I think Spain will win fairly comfortably. That would make the Netherlands the Buffalo Bills of World Cup soccer, with three final defeats. We’ll see…!