WWF Deceives Again

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SIDESWIPE – The World Wildlife Fund is busy defending climate science in a letter published in today’s Wall Street Journal, stating that climate change “is both a fact and an urgent threat to the planet.”  Whatever your view of the science, President and CEO Carter Roberts writes, moving to a low carbon economy would make the U.S. less dependent on foreign oil, create new jobs and keep the U.S. competitive in the global economy.  “Who could argue with that?”  Well, Sideswipe for one.  While the posited outcomes are all very well, the cap and tax policies supported by the environmentalist lobby would not produce them.  Opening up drilling for oil in the U.S., reducing the government’s tax footprint and removing onerous environmental regulations would be much more likely to achieve the wildlife group’s supposed economic aims.  That environmentalists oppose these common sense steps reveals the tenuous link between WWF and the economic outcomes for which they profess to advocate.  WWF is busy raising money by fooling people that polar bears are threatened by climate change.  It is not concerned about the U.S. economy as a whole.

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