Can Politicians Win 2010 World Cup for England?

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England deserves to win the 2010 soccer World Cup, although not for the reasons most sports pundits will present.

Sure, they have some top class players in Gerrard, Lampard and Rooney and a solid defense led by team captain John Terry.  The speedy Theo Walcott can be a match winner against any opposition.  And, for the first time in generations, England has a coach with the depth of knowledge to go head to head with best that the rest of the world can offer.

But all this will not be decisive.  Other national teams can boast even more talent.

Followers of soccer recognize that national teams often reflect some of the key characteristics of their national cultures.  Whereas the English team is passionate and fearless, Brazil has style, Germany is physical.

But this time, England has something else.  After twenty years of social engineering, nanny statism and ever-imaginative new taxes, its political class has systematically dissected its citizens and removed their spirit.  The national psyche of the country that once ran half the world has been eaten away.

Spiritless and with nothing left to motivate their daily lives, the English need to win the World Cup to restore national self-esteem.  Maybe, just maybe, glory in 2010 will give them the heart to fight back against political egalitarianism gone wild.

The despair is most notable among teenagers and twenty-somethings who are faced with high living costs, high unemployment and the prospect of living with parents into their thirties and beyond.

Income taxes are set to rise for the highest earners from 40% to 50%, reducing incentives to work hard and get ahead.  With government spending out of control, further tax increases are expected on the not so wealthy.

Incentives are further impacted by the death tax, which captures all middle class Britons, confiscating money that would otherwise by inherited by sons and daughters.

The universal health care system is incapable of providing the basic levels of care that is supplied in other developed countries.

So-called public servants are devising ever more means to extort money from citizens, disguising them in Orwellian doublespeak and criminalizing every day activity.

Drivers, for example, are treated like criminals.  In addition to high road tax and astronomic gasoline taxes, road users now have to navigate a national network of speed cameras plus mobile “safety” units that loiter in unexpected locations to catch soccer moms driving 4 miles per hour over a 30 miles per hour speed limit and presenting them with instant $100.00 fines and 3 points on their license.

Grimace for the camera, please!

Grimace for the camera, please!

Retreating to their homes, Britons discover that taking good care of their houses will be penalized by higher property taxes.

And with the excuse of global warming, Canute-like politicians add further restrictions on businesses and individuals, demonizing large vehicles like SUVs and then using the power of tax imposition to alter consumer behavior to match their own ideals.

Citizens north of the border will shortly be faced with a minimum price for beer, purportedly to reduce drunkenness.  Perhaps politicians would do better removing the need for citizens to drown their sorrows.

At the same time, national lawmakers have been cheating on their Parliamentary allowances as a means of avoiding tax themselves.

Ironically, having so efficiently destroyed Britain’s fabric, the ruling Labour Party has just launched a new plan called “Building Britains’s Future”.  This is predicated on the failed philosophy of tax and spend which is set to destroy the last hope for productive Britons – the value of their savings.

When Britons go to the polling booths just prior to the start of the World Cup, those who bother to vote will have the choice of more Labour or a Conservative Party that has moved so far to the left that it embraces most of the current government’s policies.  The free market is not available.

It seems that Brits have little else to cheer than their favorite soccer team.  More and more people seem to increasingly live out their dreams through sport.  It is one thing they can still get excited about.

If England wins the World Cup, its citizens will at least be able to enjoy one pleasure that its government cannot take away.  On these grounds alone, they are a deserving nation.

Unless, of course, Gordon Brown can find a way…

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