Gavin Carter Blog was launched in June 2009 as AskGavino, changing to its current name in August 2012.  It provides sharp and insightful commentary on today’s political, foreign policy, economic, environmental, media and cultural issues. 

Perhaps the most fundamental question for society is how it should organize itself.  In western nations we are born into an established order, a political environment and level of economic development which, by and large, we accept as mature and as the way things are meant to be.  By contrast, we look back at black and white photos and video of the “olden days”, or movies that portray them, and naturally compare the past unfavorably with our much more advanced surroundings today.  It is instinctively tempting to associate technological progress with political progress and to adopt the view that tyrannical political and economic acts are as unlikely to occur in developed nations as the Model T or manual typewriter are to make a comeback.  But to make this type of judgment, or any other kind, we need to be well-informed.

These writings are designed to probe modern issues and place them in a context that ultimately will promote freedom, justice and prosperity. Gavin Carter Blog takes a stand against political extremism – the imposition by force, through violence or suppression, of values that undermine life, human rights and property.

I am fortunate to have many good friends in America and around the world, whose perspectives on international politics I constantly seek out.  They are from the left and the right and I value them all.  Politically, I describe myself as “middle of the road”.  Why?  Because the principles espoused on these pages seem normal, rational and reasonable, at least to me.  Still, a friend retorted after reading this blog: “Which road?”  Everything is relative.

A great deal of political commentary on America is inward focused – that is to say, written by Americans for an American audience.  Others from outside of America come and write pieces for their outside audiences.  Both of these phenomena tend to create stereotypes of America and Americans that can be misleading.

I was born in England and moved to America in the 1990s.  I am proud to be an American, proud of this nation’s values and proud of its ability to affect the world in so many positive ways.  These articles are for Americans and non-Americans and are written “from the inside looking out”.  I hope they will promote accurate and informed perceptions of this great nation and others around the world.

Each major article is accompanied with a music recommendation that is carefully selected to enhance your reading pleasure.  ”Best enjoyed while listening to…”  is designed to give you an extra smile for the day!

In addition to being the purveyor of this site, I am a public relations adviser in the Washington, DC area.  This site operates entirely independently of my public relations business and is not influenced by my clients.  The views here are my own. 

My working experience has centered around resource-based issues – nuclear energy and wildlife management and conservation, including whaling.   

Academically, I have a degree in Politics and Economics from the University of Leeds, England.  I am an avid follower and commentator on current affairs.

Thank you for visiting!  And I hope you enjoy traveling on my road from time to time!

Gavin Carter.